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Formal methods portal promotes information dissemination in the area of formal methods, including synthesis, verification, analysis, automated reasoning, theorem proving, constraint solving, as well as advanced programming environments including logic and constraint programming.

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If journal URLs are not present, one reason may be due to obscure automatically generated URLs, which have been estimated as likely to change. Please note that currently conferences and workshops are more active than journals in this field, though no venue is a subset of another.

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The site is intended as a top-level portal for other online resources, as well as an incubator for new forms of information dissemination. In some cases it specifically avoids replicating other information or areas that have separate descriptions and broad organizations of their own. Currently it does not aim to index all programming language, software engineering, or electronic design automation venues and organizations, despite their clear connection to the area of formal methods. Please consider checking the corresponding ACM and IEEE pages, among others.
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